Salle à manger.

Chaises sans accoudoir

  • Chaise   DUOMO
    Chaise DUOMO
    The DUOMO chair is upholstered in a ultra tech leatherette (...)
  • Chaise   FLEUR
    Chaise FLEUR
    The FLEUR collection is made from solid steel frames and (...)
  • Chaise   HARRIS
    Chaise HARRIS
    The HARRIS dining chair has superior comfort in its design. (...)
  • Chaise   IZTUZU
    Chaise IZTUZU
    The IZTUTU chair is constructed much the same as the table (...)
  • Chaise   LUX
    Chaise LUX
    For dramatic flair at your dinner table the LUX chair comes (...)
  • Chaise   PARAISO
    Chaise PARAISO
    The PARAISO seating is constructed from a heavy duty and hi (...)
  • Chaise   TAO
    Chaise TAO
    The TAO dining chair makes a dramatic statement in any (...)
  • Chaise   TARNA
    Chaise TARNA
    TARNA chairs are plush upholstered in a breathable (...)
  • Chaise   TATE
    Chaise TATE
    Quite possibly one of our most comfortable and popular (...)
  • Chaise   TOTEM
    Chaise TOTEM
    The TOTEM chair is solidly constructed with solid ash wood (...)
  • Chaise   TOYO
    Chaise TOYO
    The TOYO chair is made from a solid Ash wood frame and is (...)
  • Chaise   VATA
    Chaise VATA
    The VATA chair is made from a polypropylene material that is (...)